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Our Mission is to create modern autonomous small and medium enterprises with the primary use of renewable energy sources, hydrogen power, natural and slate gases, starting with islands in the Pacific; To enable individuals, institutions, and companies to be socially and environmentally impactful with their investment decisions while creating value, enhancing efficiency, and earning significant financial returns.

4i's was founded on four simple tenets: Initiative - Innovations - Intelligence - and - Investments! listening to our clients and business partners, working closely and transparently with our investors and keeping true to the tenets helps us to maintain a great working relationship with the public, as well as private companies who prove highly qualified in their fields.

Image above, Larry Ellison is implementing a project just like ours

2-16-2014 -Larry Ellison is implementing the same as a 4i's-CNMI project, including the dream of Saipan's late Mr. Anthony Pellegrino! This proves the concept is practical and worth pursuing.

The island is a "special case" that can be used "to demonstrate that green energy can be economical," he explained. Ellison is CEO of Oracle and the event was held to talk about the company's HR cloud software. But in the Q&A session, he invited the audience to ask him "anything," and that was a part of the evening that he clearly relished. Read about it here