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4i's’ mission is to create modern autonomous small and medium sized enterprises making primary use of clean and renewable energy sources such as hydrogen power, natural and slate gases (LNG), Geothermal and Solar. Thus enabling individuals and companies with an option of being environmentally impactful. 4i’s also offers investment strategies that while creating value and enhancing efficiency, also offer considerable fiscal returns.

  We seek support from individuals, institutions, evolving companies, and investors interested in the renewable energy sectors. We provide exceptional and creative structured investment options and superior leadership services.  Each potential engagement of 4i's partners receives significant time, consideration and understanding. We are sensitive to our partners specific circumstances, goals, opportunities, and concerns. Such carefully considered and structured action plans helps to ensure the success of all parties.

  The "4 i's" stand for:

  INITIATIVE! Opening the doors for distributed power sectors based on clean and/or renewable power generation. Working towards higher, better and sometimes even more creative, industry standards.

  INNOVATIONS! Creating model solutions based on the concept of distributed energy made through clean and/or renewable power transmission, to be used (sold) at many levels; transportation, government, residential and commercial. Our solution further contains new innovative and economically viable solutions through the mixing of resources such as natural (traditional, slate, casing-head, shale) and synthetic (hydrogen, bio) gas.

  INTELLIGENCE! 4i's-CNMI uses a set of methodologies, processes, and technologies with years of experience to transform raw data into useful information for business purposes. We work hard to establish trusting relationships (namely at strategic points such as Saipan (CNMI in general) & Micronesia), where we believe we can be positively impactful to both environment and economy.

  INVESTMENTS! To bring partners, companies and private parties together investing in new markets and very large projects that sometimes require pooled relationships. Helping those parties and “pooled capital” to subsidize profit with lower risk.

Projects & Presentations

"Geothermal Exploration, Summary of Phase 1 for CUC"

"Presentation given 07-2013 on LNG"

"Presentation on IPP & the CUC for the CNMI"

"Certificate of Organization, CNMI"