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Victor Popolitov | Founder, President of 4i’s-CNMI

Mr. Popolitov has more than 30 years of experience as an engineer. Victor worked as a developer and manager of the projects and companies in the fields of nuclear and distributed energy, utility services, telecommunications and exploration of minerals.

Phone +7 (914) 185-32-74

E-mail victor-p@4is-cnmi.com

By Mail:
P.O. Box 10002
PMB 1155 Saipan, MP 96950, USA

Galina Popolitova | Founder, Board Member of 4i’s-CNMI

Ms. Popolitova has 30 years of experience as a technician and director of telecommunication and with mineral exploration companies.

Galina Popolitova

Phone +7 (914) 185-32-74

E-mail Galina-p@4is-cnmi.com

Iryna | Vice President

Ms. Begmeta has 6 years of experience as a business owner in Colorado, and a masters degree from the National Technical University of Oil and Gas. She speaks Ukrainian, Russian and English fluently.


Phone +1(NPA) NXX-BLCK

E-mail iryna-b@4is-cnmi.com

Dustin | Executive Director & Project Manager

Phone +1(NPA) NXX-BLCK

E-mail dustin-b@4is-cnmi.com