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Knowledge is Power - for the future!

4i's is an economic and sustainable private energy producer as well a platform for processing viable models of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), energy storage, transfer & distribution in the form of fuel, hydrogen, heat, algidity, water, Standby & autonomous fuel cells, process gases -and other power considerations.

4i's has the ability to create transmission lines, substations, automation management, communication and realization of electrical systems. We are also prepared to participate in exploration of energy & power sources, specifically those that invlove local businesses. 4i's also provides full service such as repairs, maintenance and even refill ("gas" or charge stations).

4i's is most concerned with helping and stimulating local economies. This is done by providing autonomous power that can can be used not only commercially and residentially but in local transportaiton, sea and air sectors as well.

"Natural gas is widely recognized as one of the most versatile energy resources. It extends from our homes to our highways as a clean transportation fuel and into manufacturing. As a raw material, natural gas is used to create a number of valuable products including fertilizer, paints, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, safety products and cosmetics." from « - encana.com

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