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Victor, 4i's CEO and Founder, has completed multplie internal business plans, feasibility studies, many numerical analysis and has worked very hard building key relationships around the world (in person). This makes it that much easier for our partners and investors to trust in 4i's abbilities and practical, profitable investing.

We work openly with our clients, investors and business partners. We gladly share all information with clients to make the best decisions on what it means to invest in renewables.
4i's has physical, legal, HR and financial platforms to support all areas of business including reproduction (industry growth) and staff training.

"Jamaica: A market ready for gas"

"Applied Natural Gas" presentation

"ISO LNG Solutions, Zeus World Fuels"

"Inland and Intercoastal Intermodal Distribution"

"Enabling LNG Bunkering"

"Managing Boil-Off at Intermodal"

"Chart Energy & Chemicals, Inc"

"General Presentation, 4i's"


"Technical specificities 40 LNG TANK"

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